Monday, August 2, 2010

R. Sreekantan Nair ( 2010 )


  1. A poetry on sreekantan nair

    The king of birds

    A cuckoo was skying
    and singing with akashvani...

    Seeing the beautiful flowering
    of a plant in the gods own country
    the bird landed there.

    The cuckoo started to sing
    for the dance of the flower.
    Listening the sweet music
    the birds in the surroundings
    listened with enthu
    around that small plant.

    Some birds sat
    on the branches of the plant.
    Stem of the swaying plant
    strengthened its stamina
    with the love of the birds.
    The visit of the cuckoo made
    both plant and itself
    into a grown palace.

    Sprinkling the yellow flowers
    all birds wished the cuckoo.
    they prisoned the cuckoo
    with the lock of love.
    the birds made
    the cuckoo the king.
    the owner of the tree
    approved the king
    by giving lot of
    gifts and money.

    With the governing
    of the cuckoo king,
    the blind got the eye.
    Shy reached high.
    Flowers become clever.
    he ran and sang among them
    on power miss, poor mess,
    drinks and death rings,
    price rise and rice price,
    political acting and
    action politics....

    The rich and shiny tree
    attracted the starman in the sky.
    the owner became donor
    with the starman’s honor.

    The wave of the song
    wavered with the new air.
    The king cuckoo fled away
    with the song of goodbye.

    Saddened birds are waiting
    here and there to listen
    the song of the king cuckoo.
    The Cuckoo is srikandan nair
    Was on air

    chennai - 600 018

  2. Wow!! haha! that's good! It is really a loss to Asianet now that Sreekantan maman has left!!